Underground heated parking at The Carlyle

For the past few weeks in Minneapolis temps have been hovering near zero. If the wind chill is factored into the equation we are currently living in subzero temperatures. The local stations update everyone on wind chill advisories and snow emergency parking restrictions. For those living in a condo in downtown Minneapolis one things is for sure: heated underground parking truly takes the bite out of winter for residents.

There is nothing quite like pulling your car out of a condo tower parking lot while it is snowing and braving the elements in a warm car. With the exception of a few condo projects(Falls/Pinnacle & Centre Village as well as plenty of smaller projects) in Minneapolis nearly every building includes parking within condo ownership. These parking stalls can be deeded with the property or acquired by license via the homeowners association. With the advent of warehouse conversions to lofts in Minneapolis, some buildings have valet parking as the only option due to the limited size of the footprint of the building making owner parking nearly impossible. Valet parking has been a mixed bag in this market from a buyers perspective. Buyers are not as willing to cough up the premium on a monthly basis for the additional fees and know they are not getting any ownership of a stall with a purchase.

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